Mouse Expo History

The Mouse Expo is now in it’s sixth year. Our first year gathered together seventy-five Wee Forest Folk Enthusiasts, including a visit from Kathy Hartman who works at the Wee Forest Folk factory. Since everyone enjoyed themselves we decided to make the Mouse Expo an annual event.

Our second gathering was attended by over one hundred people. Many of the attendees were also at the original Mouse Expo. We have had a great group of collectors, old and new, along with Wee Forest Folk dealers and those who make and sell display accessories for the Folk.

Our third gathering included over 100 people who saw Joyce Schweikert’s magical slide show of old and rare animals along with Leslie Wilhelm’s informative slide show on WFF from A to Z. Along with new guests gathered repeats as well as many three-peats!

Our fourth Mouse Expo had 148 collectors in attendance who came to see the return of Kathy Hartman from the Wee Forest Folk Factory and Leslie Wilhelm speak on WFF Head to Toe. An event piece was made available for the first time to all fully registered guests, a Pageant Angel in dark green with gold glitter on a snow base.

Our fifth annual event had over 200 people registered to attend and we turned away collectors for the first time as we were full. Leslie Wilhelm and Nancy Griffin had wonderful presentations. Smaller discussion groups were offered for the first time in a round robin format in different rooms on displays, variations, fun and games, and Wee Forest Folk dealers. The event piece was a purple Tooth Fairy with Expo 98 in gold on the pillow. Two table favors were donated this year, a sack of gold coins (for the Tooth Fairy) by Ron Davis and a football with Expo 98 (for Benched) by Deena Driscoll.

In the last six years we have had twenty different states live chat osg777 (AZ, CA, CT, FL, IL, KS, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NV, OH, OK, OR, TX, UT, VA, and WA) represented at the Expo. The Expo is held in San Luis Obispo since it almost halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, a central location to the majority of collectors who attend. We hope you have decided to join in the fun and become part of our Mouse Expo history!