Mouse Expo ’99 Update

Mouse Expo ’99 is currently taking registrations. To date (2/22/99) we have 162 guests registered and will cut registrations at approximately 200. Please register early, we expect to be full before our closing date of May 1. We do have a special colored event piece approved by the factory that is included with the price of the event.

The following are some of the events that will happen during Mouse Expo ’99.


Displays will be for sale from a variety of vendors and collectors displays will be on hand for the annual display contest. Come and get some creative ideas for how to display your Wee Forest Folk.

WFF Presentations

During our Saturday presentations we will have a wonderful slide show on unique, one of a kind painted pieces that have ended up in collections across the country. A variety of other presetations and discussion groups will be had including organization of Wee Forest Folk materials, the net and Wee Forest Folk, Fun and Games, and more! And of course our annual afternoon auction on Saturday.

Collectors Socializing

Room Hopping will start on Thursday evening (after Farmers Market gathering) this year for those who are in town early, with more room hopping on Friday and Saturday evenings. Many rooms are open with vendors selling retired Wee Forest Folk, displays and related items. And other rooms are open just to come in and socialize. This has become the crowd favorite of the Expo weekend.

Sunday Events

The swap and sell takes place Sunday morning and is the last chance to buy all your Wee Forest Folk needs (and get a few good deals). During the swap and sell the raffle will take place and various contests will be judged and winners announced.)


We will have a raffle for some special Wee Forest Folk on display during the Expo. Approximately 5 or more pieces will be included so you will have several chances to win. Also contests such as collectors displays, trivia, and more will be held throughout the weekend with a chance to win