Miniature Cute Mouse

Wee Forest Folk has created this enchanting little work of art for over 46 years. A Wee Forest Folk began as an original piece of clay carved by one of the three sculptors in the Petersen family. The finished sculpture is printed and thrown by hand at the “rat factory” in Carlisle, MA. Selected artists carefully paint each one by hand to bring to life the sweet little mouse personality. Wee Forest Folk started as a cottage industry in 1972 and continues to this day.

Created, produced and protected by the Petersen family, it all began in the ancient kitchen of Annette Petersen on a farm in Concord, Massachusetts – the birthplace of American Independence. Growing up near Central Park, Annette spent hours in the Museum of Natural History, lost between rooms and imagining life outside the hustle and bustle of New York City.

After getting married and moving to New England, Annette’s dream of living on a farm in the country came true. She and her husband raised three families and even though she had no formal training in art, she always created beautiful things around the house. He painted pictures of children’s nursery rhymes on the walls of the children’s playroom and decorated the doll house with handmade furniture

Wee Forest Folk

Standing Bunny

This petite and petite rabbit is a perfect addition to your home or office decor. White or brown adds to the cuteness of the miniature

Bunny Trail

Purple flowers adorn the path under the Rabbit Path where a little rabbit waits with eggs. The perfect entrance to the Easter or spring display in your home

Cutle Litle Bunny

Two rabbits and a chicken collect a pile of colored Easter eggs. 0.875 x 1.375

Snowy Tree and Bunny

The scene is set with a wintery tree complete with a slight sparkle as the light reflects off the ice crystals along with a little fuzzy bunny