About Wee Forest Folk

Wee Forest Folk is a line of miniature figurine collectibles produced by Annette Petersen and her children Will and Donna in Carlisle, Massachusetts. They are offered for sale in a select line of stores across the country.

Most of the early Wee Forest Folk (many created as early as 1972) were of different animals (frogs, bunnies, raccoons, owls, pigs, mice, and even a turtle & beaver) and larger in nature (approximately 2″-3″ in height). The newer Wee Forest Folk of today concentrate on the mice with a few bunnies, moles, frogs, and bears thrown in for good measure. They are approximately 1″-2″ in height and more highly detailed than their predecessors.

Each Wee Forest Folk is appropriately dressed and named for the activity they are doing (these are busy little mice). For example, Broom Service depicts a mouse witch with broom in hand sitting atop a pumpkin next to a sign that reads “rides 5 cents”. Another, Field Mouse, is an overalled farmer mouse astride his John Deere looking tractor. Of the over 100 current pieces in the line approximately half are related to various holidays.

Early Wee Forest Folk have become a very hot collectible on the secondary market commanding a high price for what was once a relatively inexpensive item. Pieces that originally sold for $15-$20 can go for as much as $1,000. Many pieces from the 80’s which sold in the $20 range are now worth $250-$550 in mint condition. Pieces which have been dropped from the line in the 90’s are generally in more plentiful supply and do not appreciate as well as those earlier mice.

Wee Forest Folk offers a yearly updated brochure of their current line available for sale. If you’re interested in receiving one please e-mail us your address and we can get one to you.

Wee Forest Folk sculptures are created, produced, and copyrighted by the Petersen family.